About Comvita



At 63, our founder, Claude Stratford started making and selling a range of bee products from his basement in his home.

His vision was 'to produce natural products that work, and acting in a way which preserves the environment for generations to come'.

Two years later, Alan Bougen became Claude's business partner. Pioneers ahead of their time, Claude and Alan set out to improve people's health and wellbeing using the power of nature.




Our origin is New Zealand, a place blessed with unique natural advantages. We believe it is the key to finding new ways to go beyond the expected.

We are defined by fresh, unrestrained thinking which comes from people who see things differently at the edge of the world.




Through our colleagues, community & customers we share and receive knowledge and compassion, creating respectful relationships full of meaning and joy.
We constantly strive to improve the way we do things, we ask why and how might we, listen to others and nature, learning, understanding and sharing.

We dare to be different, we challenge the status quo, embrace new ways and learn from our mistakes.




We respect our communities and the environment.  We embrace sustainable thinking and action, caring for the future of people and nature.

We believe that business has the potential to make the world a better place across all dimensions of our lives – economically, socially, environmentally and culturally.




People are living longer but the time spent in poor health is increasing. We have made rapid scientific advances however the incidence of major diseases has increased.

Research shows we can influence our health by modifying our diet.
But it can be difficult to maintain an optimal diet in today’s fast-paced lifestyles.

Our commitment is to provide effective products, enabling you to achieve a healthy life.

Share nature. Share life.




Our passion for keeping people well is what inspires us and sustains our company.

We are proud of our heritage and small beginnings. Our shared purpose and values are embraced by our people as part of the journey in making the best natural products for  you.

We work together to improve the quality of people’s lives, every day




Cathay Pacific HKNZBA / Best Use of Hong Kong by a New Zealand Company for its Business 2011

EEO (Equal Employment Opportunities)Trust - Work and Life Awards 2008
Green Globe 2008 - Bronze Award

New Zealand Sustainable Business Challenge 2006 – Trailblazer Award

Bay of Plenty Sustainable Business Awards 2006 - Supreme Award

Export Award 2004 and 2006 - Finalist

Bay of Plenty Sustainable Business Awards 2004 – Kauri Award

Bay of Plenty Tourism Awards 2004 – Merit Award


Share Nature

Share Life

At Comvita we understand nature and the way our bodies work. With our proven natural performance process we harness the power of nature for your health, bringing you high performance ingredients in a pure and powerful form.

We understand how modern living has led to an erosion of our bodies natural systems.

We optimise the natural active properties through our unique extraction and delivery systems.

We research how the power of nature can recalibrate your body's natural immunity and support systems.

We source the purest and most sustainable natural ingredients available.