What natural means to us

We believe that natural skincare products work better. After all, our skin is natural too.

So Comvita’s philosophy is to formulate products using only natural ingredients.

But there is one exception. Because there are no commercially available 100% natural preservatives, we use an alternative that includes the synthetic ingredient, sodium benzoate - a safe-to-use ingredient approved for use by all major international natural certification bodies.
All Comvita skincare products are at least 99% natural, with sodium benzoate present at minimum levels of less than 1%.

When a preservative is not required to maintain the integrity of our formulas we don’t use one. Nourishing Lip Treatment, Deep Cleansing Beauty Bar and Nourishing Beauty Bar are all preservative free and are 100% natural.

What’s in our products is more important than what is not. So we list every ingredient on our packaging which, by the way, is designed to be as sustainable as possible.

And it goes without saying that we do not test our beauty products on animals.