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8/27/2014 5 Ways To Squeeze Exercise Into Your Day
We all know how important it is to make exercise a regular part of our routine, but it can be hard to squeeze in a workout around a busy schedule. We’ve put together some tips to help you find time for exercise, no matter how busy you are.
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8/26/2014 Your creativity toolbox
If you’re struggling to come up with new and creative ideas at work or around the home, these tips can help you think outside the square.
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8/12/2014 Discover the power of Olive Leaf Extract on The Balancing Act
Our latest segment on The Balancing Act talked all about antioxidants, and the high amounts that are found in fresh Olive Leaf Extract. Watch the clip below, and shop the 500ml Natural or Peppermint extract for half price here.
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8/11/2014 7 sweet and simple treats
According to one study, enjoying the occasional dessert can positively affect your family’s mood, improve conversations at the dinner table and help create happy memories. But there’s no need to spend hours in the kitchen baking. These simple recipes are healthier options that will keep your sweet tooth well and truly satisfied.
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8/4/2014 DIY tips to ease sore muscles
A massage is a great way to ease tired, sore muscles. Research shows that even just 10 minutes of massage can reduce inflammation, improve blood flow and reduce muscle tightness after exercise, helping the body to repair itself faster.
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7/16/2014 All Natural, Family-Friendly Oral Care - As Seen on TV
Join us on The Balancing Act as we discuss why certified natural oral care is a better choice for you and your family. Watch the video now!
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7/3/2014 The power of praise
Praise is an important part of building confidence, motivation and self-reliance. According to a study by Columbia University, 85 percent of American parents think it’s important to tell their kids that they’re smart.
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6/20/2014 Discover the power of Manuka Honey on The Balancing Act
Join Kylie Glover, as she shares the good news about the all-natural Comvita brand, the largest suppliers of world-class Manuka Honey.
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6/18/2014 Affordable home decorating
You don’t have to move house or have an expensive renovation to benefit from a fresh new look. Here are some affordable tips to help you decorate your home.
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6/18/2014 Mind over money
It seems our attitudes and perceptions may influence how we manage our money, as much as the actual amount in the paycheck. A healthy attitude to budgeting can also reduce financial stress, which may support long-term health and wellbeing. Here are our tips to maintain a positive perspective on your budget.
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