Alan's Blog: The history of Comvita

8/8/2012 Giving Back
Chapter 8: To us sustainability is as much about leading by example in our community at a grass roots level as it is about our impact on the planet. Giving backmore than we take and teaching our litt...
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8/8/2012 Comvita’s Heartbeat
Chapter 9: Our people: An “army of believers” When I think about my journey with Comvita and how we have come to be the company we are today, I have to say that our people really have been our key to...
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4/26/2012 Honey, meet Einstein
Chapter 6: While our ethos around providing pure and natural products runs deep, we are also committed to having real science.
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4/26/2012 Working In Harmony with Nature
Chapter 7: Sustainability is something that has always run deep in our DNA. We are practically environmentalists by default. We have to be. That’s because beekeeping is all about biodiversity and ...
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4/26/2012 Keeping People Well by Keeping It Real
Chapter 5: Our honey is raw and as close to nature as we can get it. From the way it is extracted to the way it is filtered, processed and packaged, Comvita® has carefully and passionately pioneered...
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4/26/2012 A Sweet union: Like Bees to A Honey Pot
Chapter 2: All stings and no honey, in 1975 I called on a fellow bee-loving expert from the Bay of Plenty for help -Claude Stratford. Claude was in the early days of his own small basement business v...
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4/26/2012 From Bees to Business - the official beginnings of a sweet thing.
Chapter 3: Less than a year later at the end of 1976 I packed my bags and along with my new wife Lynda, left the hives of Great Barrier Island on a shared mission with Claude to build Comvita into so...
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4/26/2012 Ethos, philosophy and what drives us.
Chapter 4: For Claude and I the modern day health paradigm was completely backwards and upside down. It wasn’t about wellness. It was about illness!
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5/23/2011 Beginnings: A Budding Love Affair With A Sting
Comvita started almost four decades ago. It was 1973. I was an energetic young man in my early twenties filled with enthusiasm for new approaches to nutrition, health, and environmentalism.
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