Giving Back

Hi. My name is Alan Bougen. I founded Comvita with Claude Stratford in 1974.  Over the next few months I would like to share with you my Comvita journey so far. Happy reading and please pop back soon for the next chapter.  Cheers Alan

One School, One Forest, One Community at A Time

Chapter 8:  To us sustainability is as much about leading by example in our community at a grass roots level as it is about our impact on the planet.  Giving back more than we take and teaching our little ones about the wonders of the birds, trees and the bees.

Through Comvita’s Birds, Bees, Kids and Trees programme we provide native seedlings for children to plant back into the natural environment and thenwe bring them on a tour of Comvita.  This helps them understand how the native trees they have planted - like the humble Manuka shrub contribute towards healthy ecosystems while creating special health products like honey and bee pollen.  Comvita staff and our friends have also gifted and planted literally hundreds of thousands of trees to the Bay of Plenty’s Kopurererua Valley wetland reforestation project.

We are also involved in several large scale reforestation projects to improve our carbon footprint and are beginning the lofty task of transforming unproductive areas of New Zealand back to its original forest condition, making land much more productive for high value honey production.

We aren’t trying to save the world we are simply trying to be good stewards of what we have been given.  And we know that each small step collectively helps.  Because beyond bringing our customers good health, we are passionate about enhancing the biodiversity of our beautiful country, Aoteroa, New Zealand.


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