Honey, meet Einstein

Hi. My name is Alan Bougen. I founded Comvita with Claude Stratford in 1974.  Over the next few months I would like to share with you my Comvita journey so far. Happy reading and please pop back soon for the next chapter.  Cheers Alan

Chapter 6:  While our ethos around providing pure and natural products runs deep, we are also committed to having real science.  We know our products have amazing healing powers and health giving properties but we also know that the proof really is in the pudding.  So we strive to understand how and why our products work so well.

Even in our early years we’ve always made sure that our products have a proven basis and solid backing in science before we put them on the market.  Tested, and proven to be effective, we make our customers happy by providing products that work through a marriage of nature and science.  A holistic approach that complements our underlying philosophy and mission. It’s science but it’s not rocket science.


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