Our Ding in the Universe

Our Ding in the Universe: Comvita’s foundational ethos, philosophy and what drives us.

Hi.  My name is Alan Bougen. I founded Comvita with Claude Stratford in 1974.  Over the next few months I would like to share with you my Comvita journey so far. Happy reading and please pop back soon for the next chapter.  Cheers Alan.

Chapter 4:  When Claude and I got together, we talked about the idea of creating a business that could help people – being a force for good in the community.

For Claude and I the modern day health paradigm was completely backwards and upside down.  It wasn’t about wellness.  It was about illness!  We weren’t interested in making sick people better.  Our focus ran deeper.

We wanted Comvita® to be about keeping people well.

This philosophy is still what drives us today.  We are in the business to help improve people’s health and wellbeing and to benefit the community and natural world around us.  We have never lost sight of this vision.


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