Manuka Honey for Melisssa

Comvita® has a range of products that have helped me enormously throughout my athletic career.  During my heavy training phases and the weeks leading up to major events such as a world champs I have solely  relied on Comvita® Manuka Honey to keep my body healthy and free from illness.

The Comvita® UMF 10+ and 15+ Active Manuka Honey has travelled the world with me and with its special antibacterial activity I will have a spoonful 3 x a day to keep my body in the best possible shape to perform at an optimal level at all my competitions.

I eat Comvita® Active 5+ Manuka Honey everyday throughout the whole year and I personally believe this has enabled me to get through many winters without any symptoms of the flu.  The propolis lemon and honey throat lozenges containing the UMF 10+ active manuka honey and omega fish oils have also assisted me in my general well-being in the most natural way possible.  Comvita® has really been a very important part of my health care.

Melissa Moon is one of New Zealand’s star athletes: on 21 November 2010 she was named women’s Ultimate Champion for the 2010 Vertical World Circuit, after charging to the top of the 73-storey Swissotel building in Singapore in just eight minutes and 57 seconds.

She adds her 2010 World Stair Racing Champion title to her two World Mountain Running Champion titles, 21 New Zealand athletic titles, seven national cross country championships and a New Zealand Sportswoman of the Year award.


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