Leigh's Blog: A beautiful journey

5/1/2012 Natural beauty poised for explosive growth in Asia
I’ve just had the pleasure of speaking at the first Sustainable Cosmetics Summit held by Organic Monitor in the Asian region. Staged in Hong Kong, it recognises that Asia is the next emerging market f...
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5/1/2012 Twenty years in the Beauty business
Naturals are here to stay, and just as the synthetic based products which dominate the market today have evolved over the past 100 years, naturals are on a journey of refinement – becoming more sophis...
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5/1/2012 Leigh Kite: Who am I?
Leigh joined Comvita in 2005 and soon after was able to combine her twin passions of beauty and natural health in the creation of a new natural skincare range that debuted on international markets in ...
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