Stay healthy while travelling

Whether it’s a work trip, weekend away with friends or a family vacation over summer, trying to maintain your health and fitness when you’re travelling can be difficult.  

A recent study by Carlson Wagonlit Travel suggested that not being able to eat healthily while travelling can be a significant source of stress, listing it in the top ten of all stress triggers for business travellers.

Before you leave for your next trip, consider our tips for maintaining your health and fitness on the road.

Plan ahead

Try to research where you’ll be staying in advance, so you know where the local restaurants are and what they may be serving. Google maps may also help you find the closest grocery store, so you can stock up on healthy snacks like nuts, fruit and muesli bars.

Stay hydrated

Keeping a bottle of water close by during your trip may encourage you to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. Try to avoid alcoholic beverages during your flight as these can be dehydrating, and steer clear of soda or sugary drinks that are loaded with calories.

Eat breakfast

Although it’s tempting to rush out the door without eating breakfast, studies show that breakfast provides nutritional value that is rarely replaced by other meals during the day. So take the time to enjoy a healthy breakfast, and you may reduce the temptation to reach for an unhealthy snack mid-morning, or over-indulge during lunch.

Keep moving

Even though you may not be able to stick to your usual exercise routine, pack your workout gear and try to incorporate some physical activity in your day. It’s a great way to explore a new city or play with the kids, and may also reduce the effects of jet lag. If you’re exercising outdoors and not familiar with the area, don’t forget to take your phone so you can access a map if you get lost.

Maintain your immunity

If you’re not eating as many fruit and vegetables as you normally would, try to maintain your immune system with supplements such as Comvita’s Olive Leaf Extract, Olive Leaf Drops or Propolis Capsules.

Stay safe

Even though you may travel often, remember to keep the basics of health and safety in mind. Always wear a seatbelt, get the recommended vaccinations and be careful with food and water. It’s also recommended that you prepare for illness in advance by packing a travel health kit with first-aid items as well as any prescription medications.


How do you maintain your health and fitness while travelling? Do you have any tips to share? 


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