Birds, Bees, Kids and Trees Celebrates 5 Years

BBKT began in 2005 with a visit to the valley by Paengaroa School. This week students from Fairhaven and Te Ranga Schools in the Western Bay of Plenty will be in the valley – and to mark the special occasion the students will get to enjoy a cake made up of 50 cupcakes.

The BBKT programme introduces children to the importance of looking after the environment in a hands-on way by planting Manuka trees.  The children are encouraged to learn about, and respect their environment and in doing so, Comvita® is helping to sow the seeds for a sustainable future.

Comvita’s® Jackie Buzowsky said the programme is a great way to introduce the children to environmental issues while helping to restore the valley to a more natural state.

We encourage them to revisit the planting site in future years to see how their trees are doing. In this way they take a real ownership of the valley.

BBKT is a part of the City Partnership Programme, and Comvita® has again donated $10,000 worth of native trees which assists with the replanting programme that is helping to restore Kopurererua Valley to a more natural state. A Comvita® planting day for staff, family and friends is planned in November.

Fairhaven and Te Ranga schools planting the native trees. Jael King, Nicola Gibson, Julie Chadwick, Jackie Buzowsky, Bill Bracks and Claude Stratford


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