Comvita Hosts International Expert

These are exciting times for Comvita as we host Judi Beerling in New Zealand for the whole week.

Judi Beerling is the Technical Research Manager for Organic Monitor, a UK based organization that specializes in research, consulting & training focusing on the global organic & related product industries, including natural and organic cosmetics.

With over 30 years technical experience in the beauty industry she has gained an international reputation as an expert in natural and organic ingredients, product formulation and certification standards.  She regularly lectures and leads workshops at major worldwide industry events held annually in Paris, New York, London and Hong Kong - including the popular Sustainable Cosmetics Summit run by Organic Monitor.

Most recently she helped with some advice for “When Cancer Hits” by Britta Aragon, applying her vast knowledge to making recommendations around what personal care products to avoid when undergoing cancer treatment, and why.

The global market for natural and organic cosmetics continues to grow rapidly showing double digit increases year on year while the rest of the category remains relatively flat.  The stakes are high, and as a result, we are seeing the emergence of many new brands on the market which claim to be natural or organic, but which are not.  The average consumer has no means to distinguish these greenwashing brands from the authentic.  And natural is no longer just about claiming “paraben-free” - that is such an outdated paradigm!  Truly natural is so much more.

Judi’s expertise is invaluable, as she helps us navigate these muddy waters, empowering us to distinguish between brands that live up to their claims and those that don’t.  She is without peer in her field…..

I first met her in New York in 2008 when I attended the Natural Beauty Summit.  The theme there was very much about the need for natural brands to be authentic and honest and the growing importance certification will play as a ‘ready-reckoner’ for consumers wanting to tell at a glance if a product is truly.  After two days of fantastic presentations, Judi ran a three hour technical workshop explaining how to formulate natural and the certification options available to companies wanting independent verification of their natural credentials.

At the end she had me hooked. I saw then that certification is the way of the future and my opinion has never wavered. Judi has since been instrumental in guiding Comvita along this path and, as a result, I’m proud to say that 4 years later Comvita has 23 NPA certified natural skincare products.

A big thanks to Judi for visiting New Zealand this week and helping to spread the good word to retailers, media, competitors and customers alike. We are all going to benefit from your visit!


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