Beauty FAQs

Q. Where is Comvita® skincare made?
A. Our skincare is proudly made in NZ by our manufacturers Endue and NZ Skincare Co.

Q.  How natural are your skincare products?
A. Comvita® skincare products are more than 99% natural.  This is above the internationally accepted definition of “natural” developed by NPA (Natural Products Association) which states products must be made with at least 95% natural ingredients.

Q.  What is the preservative used in your skincare?
A.  75% gluconolactone (derived from corn) with 25% sodium benzoate

Q. What is the difference between the normal to dry and normal to oily range?
A. The normal to dry range is a rich formulation suitable for mature skin that requires extra hydration. The normal to oily range is a lighter formulation suitable for skin types that require extra oil control in problem areas such as the T-zone.

Q. What is a radiance product?
A. Radiance, whitening or illuminating products even out skin tone and pigmentation. It slows the melanin production, which is responsible for skin colouration.

Q. Why does my skin react to some products?
A. Skin can be sensitive to a variety of difference things, both natural and synthetic. Skin can also become sensitive to things over time due to increased exposure. For this reason we recommend you patch test all new products before use.

Q.  What does the PAO sign mean on the back of the packaging?
A. It means that once you open the product it needs to be used within the number of months represented on the icon e.g. represented by 6M alongside the open cap symbol.

Q.  What components of the packaging are recyclable?
A. All components of the packaging are recyclable apart from the lid, base and cap of the 150ml pumps.

Q.  Why doesn’t the pump dispense product when I first use it?
A. The first time you use an airless pump you are going to have to pump 5-10 times to build up the vacuum pressure. This is only for the first time of use, once the vacuum is built up, it pumps perfectly every time.

Q. Is this skincare range tested on animals?
A. No, our skincare products have not been tested on animals.