General FAQs

Q: The Comvita® website is not displaying correctly. What should I do?
A: Try pressing Ctrl-F5 (the Ctrl key and the F5 key at the same time). This refreshes the page and forces your browser to load the latest Comvita® files. This should resolve an issue where your computer may have some older Comvita® files, which causes the site to display incorrectly.  If you are using a Mac, press Command-R (the Command key and the 'R' key at the same time).

Q: How long should I expect my online order to take to be delivered?
A: Comvita® aims to deliver all orders within three working days.

Q: How do I return goods which are damaged or not the same as what I ordered?
A: Simply return the goods together with the shipping note to Comvita® within 10 working days of the date of purchase.  Please refer to Item 20: Terms of Purchase for more details.

Q: Where can Comvita® products be purchased?
A: Products can be purchased online via this website or our other websites accessed at the top of the page.

Q: Can Comvita® products be used during pregnancy?
A: We advise you to consult your healthcare practitioner.

Q: Are Comvita®  products tested on animals?
A: Health Foods / Health Care: Comvita® will not test finished products on animals (or fund third party testing on animals) except when human safety is in question or when required by regulation, and providing there are no alternative test methods available.

Medihoney Category: Comvita® and/or partners may only test finished products on animals for reasons of human safety, medical advancement or where required by regulation(s).   Wherever possible, alternative test methods are used.

Skincare: Comvita® will not test finished products on animals (or fund third party testing on animals) under any circumstances.

Q: Can we take honey overseas?
A: Honey can be taken from New Zealand to many other countries.  However, the customs officials in each market are able to deny entry of product even if the product is legally sold in their country.   Honey cannot be taken to Western Australia, Samoa or Vanuatu.  Please check with your local customs website.