Royal Jelly FAQs

Q: Why should I store Royal Jelly in the fridge?
A: Royal Jelly is a natural product that will darken over time.  Exposure to light and warmth can hasten the darkening process.

Q: What is HDA®?
A: HDA® refers to10-Hydroxy-2 decenoic acid, a short-chain 8-10 carbon chain fatty acid, felt to be responsible for many of the remarkable health maintaining effects of Royal Jelly.  Levels of 10H2DA are routinely tested to determine the quality of Royal Jelly.

Q: Is there any person who should not take Royal Jelly?
A: Royal Jelly should not be taken by asthmatics.

Q: Why would I choose to take Royal Jelly & EPO Capsules?
A: Royal Jelly & EPO are designed for women's hormonal support, especially during premenstrual and menopausal periods.  It also assists with dry skin.