Ingredients & Benefits


Soothing and restorative for every day inner balance
Comvita® honeys help to support the body's digestive systems.


Every day immune support for a well-being boost.
Olive Leaf Extract,  Broccoli Extract,  Propolis, and Antioxidants for protection.

Winter Wellness

Natural Support during winter for the whole family.
Strengthening your immune system with the help of natural products can help maintain wellness and relieve winter ills. Packed with the unique properties of UMF® Manuka Honey and effective natural ingredients, a complete range of products to help you prevent, revive and recover.


The extra energy you need to make the most of life.
Comvita Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly - natural health food created by honey bees for energy and vitality.

Oral Health

Oral Care products to assist oral hygiene.
Oral Care products to help reduce plaque formation and assist oral hygiene. Comvita Oral Care products help to keep gums health and promote fresh breath.

Skin & Beauty

Natural, Anti-aging skincare from Comvita®.
New Zealand made and inspired, we care for all skin types and skin concerns. Comvita Brightening, face and body ranges have beautiful products for all.

Manuka Honey

Every day inner balance.
Manuka Honey is packed with unique plant phenols to support your health. UMF® Manuka honey has gained a worldwide reputation for its value in digestive health, skincare and woundcare.
Comvita sources ingredients in their purest form and optimises their natural active properties, delivering you the benefits of nature in its most powerful form.