Synergy 12

Synergy 12

Olive Leaf Extract is an extremely powerful natural antioxidant and free radical scavenger.  Our unique, fresh Olive Leaf Extract contains no less than 12 natural polyphenolic antioxidants.  Polyphenols are considered to be a potent source of skin brightening agents.

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The internationally-proven ORAC* test demonstrated that SYNERGY 12™ Olive Leaf Extract has 5 times the antioxidant capacity of Vitamin C and approximately double the power of green tea extract and grape seed extract.

We source SYNERGY 12™ Olive Leaf Extract from our plantation in Australia. We have the world’s largest specialised olive leaf grove, with over 500,000 trees.  We grow the most efficacious variety of Olea europaea trees, proven by scientific testing.

Lovingly cared for and sourced direct from the plantation, our Olive Leaf Extract is harvested in the morning, when the leaves are at their optimum and extracted the same day.  Our unique extraction process means we only use fresh – not dried or powdered leaves in our natural health and skin and beauty products.

Olive Leaf Extract can also be taken as an oral supplement for everyday antioxidant support.

*Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity.


Olive Leaf Extract - Natural

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Scientific testing shows that Olive Leaf Extracts made directly from fresh leaves have a broader spectrum potency. Support your health with 5 x the antioxidant capacity of Vitamin C.