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Media Release: 15 August, 2012 Claude Turning 102

Queens Service Medal winner, philanthropist and founder of global natural health and beauty products company, Comvita, Claude Stratford will  celebrate his 102nd birthday this Saturday, 18 August.

Winter Photo Shoot
Oh the joys of doing alpine photo shoots in winter!   We were very excited to be based in Wanaka, New Zealand for our 2010 photo shoot. Read more.

Five years of BBKT

Comvita’s® Birds, Bees, Kids and Trees (BBKT) environmental programme celebrates five years this week when two more school groups take part in a planting day at Kopurererua Valley.  Read more




Comvita plants more Manuka Trees from Comvita on Vimeo.

Apimondia Visit Comvita
President of International Federation of Beekeepers visits Comvita.  

Some people get excited about Mick Jagger and some about Lady Gaga, but here at Comvita®, we were thrilled to host an international rock star from the beekeeping world – Gilles Ratia.   Read more
 Alan Bougen (Comvita Co-founder), Cliff Van Eaton (Apiary technical advisor to Comvita) Gilles Ratia (President of Apimondia International Federation of Beekeepers Association)


Happy Birthday Claude

Giving Back Reaps Rewards - New Zealand Natural Health Innovator Turns 100.  Read more

Comvita Science Challenge

Sociable science wins top prize - Students break down information barriers to natural health.  Read moreBrett Hewlett presents to the winning team, Omeganation.

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