Oct 19, 2015

3 DIY Spooky Halloween Decorations

Think outside the humble jack-o-lantern with these three simple and spooky DIY Halloween decorations that are bound to add to the holiday atmosphere at your home, school, or party.

Ideal for sticking to windows and mirrors, these bloody handprints only require a few materials:

Elmer’s glue or equivalent
Red food coloring
Blue food coloring
Saran wrap
Wax paper

Wrap the saran wrap firmly around a cutting board so that it is taut and free of wrinkles, and then tape at the back.

Pour an ounce of glue into a bowl or cup and add 1 drop of blue food coloring, then stir well.

Add red food coloring to the mixture 1 drop at a time until it reaches the shade of red you want your “blood” to be.

Coat your hand (wear latex gloves if you don’t like to get messy) with some uncolored glue and press onto the saran wrap. Fit as many handprints onto your surface as you can without them overlapping.

Top up the handprints with more clear glue to thicken them up so that they are about a 1/8 inch high, and then set aside to dry and wash your hands.

Once the clear handprints are dry, use a spoon to paint your hand with the red glue mixture and press onto one of the clear handprints to color it. Repeat this on each handprint.

Like you did with the clear glue, add more red glue to the handprints to thicken them up.

Allow the handprints to dry until they are translucent. Once dry, gently peel the handprints off the saran wrap and apply to windows or mirrors. If you don’t want to use them straight away, store them between waxed paper until you need them.


These are simple and look great. Plus they can add a cheerful splash of color to an otherwise spooky atmosphere. You’ll need:

Orange, white, and yellow spray paint
Empty wine bottles (labels removed)
Newspaper or an outdoor area for your spray painting area
Battery-operated string lights (short enough to fit inside a bottle)

Use the spray paint to color the bottles in the same pattern as candy corn: a band of yellow at the base, a wider band of orange in the middle, and white for the neck. Leave to dry.

Once dry, insert the string lights into the bottle and switch on. Ta da!

Optional: add fall foliage to the neck of the bottle to add a floral element.


Eye-catching, cheap, easy, and a great way to get the younger kids involved! You’ll need:

White balloons
Glow sticks
A black sharpie

Because glow sticks have a limited glow time, you’ll need to make these last minute which won’t be a problem because they are so quick.

Activate the glow sticks and insert one into each balloon before you inflate it. Once the balloons are inflated and tied, use a sharpie to draw spooky ghost faces on them. Remember to be gentle so that you don’t pop the balloons!

You can secure the ghosts to walls with tape, or just let them haunt their way around the room.