Jul 27, 2015

4 Types of Summer Activities For Kids

After a week or two of freedom, you might find that the novelty of school holidays has worn off for you and your kids.

Perhaps you’re hearing the classic refrain of “I’m bored”, or perhaps you just need ideas to keep them occupied. Here are some activities that are sure to keep kids learning and entertained until school goes back.

Enjoying the warm weather and sunny days is what summer’s all about. Outdoor activities keep kids active, healthy, and limits their screen time.

-Set aside time to go for a daily walk with your kids. This is a great way to spend time chatting and bonding with your kids, and if you have a dog they’ll love it too!

-Teach your children the wonder of nature by starting a veggie patch or flower garden. Having something to nurture builds responsibility, and seeing the fruits of their labor will keep them motivated and excited.

-One of the most important ways you can keep your children safe is to ensure they can swim. Enroll your kids in swimming classes, or take them to the local pool yourself. Spending time in the water is fun and refreshing, and also teaches kids to be comfortable and sensible around water.

Both video games and traditional board games will entertain kids in groups or solo.

-Board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Boggle, and Pictionary are inexpensive, educational, and of course a great source of fun. These games teach numeracy, literacy, and a healthy sense of competition.

-The internet has a plethora of wonderful games for kids. In Kids.gov’s Play Games section, they can enjoy adventures like solving secret codes from the National Security Agency, working on word puzzles about the earth from NASA, and experiencing the challenges of being a Peace Corps volunteer.

-More physical games like Hide and Seek, Spotlight, or Piggy in the Middle never go out of style, are indoor or outdoor friendly, and can be played with varying group sizes.

Cartoons and other kids shows have their place, but the holidays is an ideal time to get your kids outside their television comfort zone.

-Nature documentaries like Hidden Planet, Life in the Freezer, or Planet Earth will amaze kids and inspire their passion for the world around them, and can be streamed from Netflix.

-In the series of cool career videos produced by Kids.gov, the kids learn about archaeology, and meet an albino alligator and her keeper at the National Aquarium.

-Most phones and cameras have a record feature these days, so why not help your kids make their own movie or TV show to share with friends and relatives?

Keep your kids creative through summer with arts and craft projects.

-There are hundreds of websites dedicated to free, printable coloring pages for kids and adults alike. Simply print them out and get coloring!

-Photography is an accessible and creative form or art that kids love. Give them a summer journal project or a photo-a-day challenge to complete so that they have an album of memories by the time school goes back. Older kids might even like to start learning how to manipulate images in Photoshop.

-Tie-dying is a simple, creative, and outdoor friendly activity for kids (with a little help from an adult). Buy some plain white t-shirts to get colorful with or re-vamp some old ones. The cheerful and retro look of tie-dye is bound to get compliments, and the kids will be so proud to say that they did it themselves.