Apr 17, 2017

5 Ways to Get Involved This Earth Day

Earth Day is right around the corner! This April 22nd, there are plenty of ways you can get involved and give back to the precious planetary eco-system that provides us with the gift of life. Think of planet Earth like a spaceship; it’s our only home and it’s also our responsibility to take care of it. Here are some fun ideas to give back to the world that acts as our little home in this vast and mesmerizing universe.

  1. Join an Environmental Cause: From Greenpeace to the Wildlife Conservation Fund, there are literally hundreds of nonprofit organizations dedicated to ensuring the protection of our environment. Spend a weekend volunteering with an organization of your choice, or donate some extra money to a worthy cause that is special to your heart. (Causes: Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network, Earthjustice).
  2. Plant a Tree: It seems like an obvious choice to simply plant a tree on Earth Day, however doing so has several advantages. Trees provide us with oxygen in addition to habitats for birds and squirrels. They also absorb carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide, reducing potentially harmful gasses that we breathe into our lungs. Not to mention, trees are super majestic! One planting of a tree will see so much growth over many, many years, so that even after we’re long gone, these special trees will live on in our honor. What a way to make a lasting impact! (Treehuggers: Plant a Billion Trees, Arbor Day Foundation, Trees for the Future)
  3. Invite Nature into Your Personal Habitat: Invite nature’s friends to hangout around your homestead! Consider purchasing bird baths, bird feeders, or squirrel feeders. When mowing the lawn, leave a few small sections untouched. This will invite beautiful honey bees and butterflies to seek refuge in your yard. While many people try to repel wild animals and insects from their homes, they actually play an important role by aerating the yard and improving localized biodiversity. (Animal Lovers: Wildlife Conservation Society, The Nature Conservancy, The Natural Resources Defense Council)
  4. Volunteer for Litter Cleanup: Let’s face it; nobody likes picking up trash on the side of the road. But if no one did it, our world would be much more polluted than one can possibly even imagine. If you’re involved with an organization, adopt a highway and make this your special place to keep the grass and trees clean, fresh, and inviting for everyone to enjoy. (Anti-Litterbugs: Clean Up The World, Oceana, Wounded Nature – Working Veterans)
  5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Perhaps one of the most important efforts that should go well beyond Earth Day is the 3 R’s. Reduce usage of unnecessary wastes and energy, find ways to reuse old products for new purposes, and recycle anything that can be reused to reduce the accumulation of trash in landfills. (Recycling Buddies: Recycle Nation, HipCycle, The FreeCycle Network)

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