Mar 2, 2018

Bees & Teas: Classic Pairings To Boost Overall Wellness


Pour, steep, drizzle, ohm, repeat.

Whether it’s your morning joy, daytime break or nightly ritual, every cup of tea gets more meaningful, potent and of course, sweet, with Manuka Honey. Like coffee & cream or sugar & spice, Manuka & Tea are the perfect pair. Manuka is multipurpose--meaning it will uniquely accentuate the natural health benefits in your favorite tea, so sit back and sip a cup with Comvita.

*Sipping Tip: Let your water cool for about 30 seconds after boiling to retain the maximum health properties of Manuka Honey.

Here’s the benefit of pairing Manuka Honey with your favorite tea varieties:

GREEN TEA: Overall Health
Green tea, led by epigallocatechin gallate (aka “EGCG”) is the ultimate health hero, having shown to improve blood flow, lower cholesterol and help protect cells from free radical damage. When paired with Manuka, the result is an antioxidant super drink!

CHAMOMILE TEA: Soothing + Calming + Curing
For sniffles, sore throats and stress, look no further than the powerful combo of Comvita and Chamomile to finish the day on a healthy note. A natural cough suppressant and soother, honey can help heal with the aromatherapy and sleep aid of herbal tea.

ROOIBOS TEA: Calming + Anti-inflammatory
One of the most popular herbs for your health is the South African native, Rooibos. It’s high in antioxidants and great for your skin, heart, even your bone health. Drizzle a little Manuka Honey in your Rooibos tea for a powerful elixir that will help ward off bugs that might come your way.

OOLONG TEA: Metabolic + Digestive
Dietitians have said drinking a cup of Oolong a day with a balanced diet and exercise can be beneficial to meeting your physical fitness goals. With the naturally occurring live enzymes in Manuka, look to see improved energy and a tip-top digestive system in no time.

MUSHROOM TEA: Preventative
Mushroom tea is a trend that everyone is talking about these days. It may seem strange that it does not come from an herb or a leaf, but in fact a fungus. However, if we’re talking about health benefits, this ‘tea’ is full of them.

DARJEELING TEA: Antioxidant Rich
Frequently known as the “champagne of teas”, this Chinese-Indian herbal tea is unique in flavor and high in antioxidant activity. This amazing tea has been said to reduce the risk of infection, improve oral health, and promote weight loss. With the unique properties found in Manuka Honey and not to mention the natural sweetening aspects, you’ll have yourself a flavor rich and incredibly powerful beverage.

PU-ERH TEA: Weight Management
Studies have shown that Pu-erh tea, valued among Chinese herbalists, is highly beneficial for the human body. Unlike most tea leaves, Pu-erh goes through a natural fermentation process before it’s gently dried which helps the tea retain high levels of polyphenols, known for their antioxidant activity and fat burning compounds. Pairing this tea with Manuka Honey may aid in digestion after meals.

TULSI TEA: Therapeutic + Stress Reliever
Sipped for thousands of years, Tulsi is a traditional Indian herb known for its superior balancing power, used to reduce stress, aid in digestion, keep headaches at bay, and empower the immune system. Try adding a spoonful of Manuka Honey to your Tulsi tea at the end of the day and then just sit back, relax and watch all your stresses melt away.

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