May 26, 2020

Comvita Opens Cutting-Edge Queen Bee Rearing Facility

When you think about sustainable and regenerative beekeeping, you might think about the health of the land and flowers where bees live and pollinate. But true longevity of bee populations is all about the health of one very important lady: the queen bee.

So in March of 2020, Comvita officially opened the Comvita Apiaries Queen Breeding Unit in Northland, New Zealand - an entire scientific facility dedicated to rearing strong queens, ensuring exceptional genetic diversity, high productivity, and successful turnover from old queens to new ones –– all of which contribute to healthy, sustainable hives. After all, the queen is a busy gal, laying up to 1,500 eggs per day for up to 3-5 years straight!

The opening of Comvita’s Queen Breeding Unit is a huge step in advancing our goal to ensure the sustainable, long-term health of bee populations - which in turn support the overall health of our entire planet, and the tastiest, purest Manuka Honey. As Comvita Co-founder (and beekeeper of 50 years) Alan Bougen put it, “This work will form a significant part of Comvita’s story. With global interest in declining bee populations and the impact on the world we inhabit, our work remains fundamental to hive health.”

Breeding unit, queen bees, hive apiary

The success of a hive is often attributed to the Queen, so the Comvita Breeding Unit focuses on producing the strongest and most resilient queens to ensure all hives can thrive, and passing down the best traits to future generations of bees. They say leaders aren’t born overnight, but in Comvita’s case, they are!

Globally, bee populations are dwindling. Since we depend on bees to pollinate ⅓ of our global food supply, and keep the planet’s ecosystems in balance, Comvita is honored to do our part to nurture healthy generations, and the very best Manuka Honey. May we all do our part to leave the earth a little better than we found it.