May 20, 2015

Freshen Up Your Fridge

Here are three ways to take advantage of the trend towards cleaner eating, and freshen up your fridge.  

Farmers Markets
Farmers markets have grown in number and popularity in the past few years, and now most American cities have numerous weekly markets. Strolling amongst the stalls and taking in the colors and smells of fresh produce is a perfect way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning. Farmers markets offer a diverse array of cheap, fresh foods and a warm community atmosphere. Eating organic foods is better for the environment and reduces your intake of chemicals and pesticides. Perhaps the best thing about farmers markets, though, is the fact that you’re supporting your local growers. The stallholders are usually the same people who grew and harvested your food, so you can find out where it was grown and when it was picked. Find your local farmers market here.

Organic Vegetable Delivery
If you prefer to sleep in on weekends but still want to enjoy a fridge bursting with organic produce, sign up for one of the many healthy delivery options available. If online shopping is your thing, you’ll find receiving a box of vibrant fresh fruit and vegetables just as exciting as a parcel from Amazon! Farmbox is one of many companies who specialize in produce delivery, but search around to find one that’s suitable for you. Receiving an assortment of fresh, seasonal produce is a fun and motivating way to try fruits and vegies you haven’t had before, and be more creative in the kitchen.

Get Growing!
Although a lot of fruit and vegetables are time-consuming and high-maintenance to grow, things like herbs, arugula, passionfruit, and chilli thrive even if you lack a green thumb. Planting a vegetable garden only takes a few simple steps:

  • Decide what to plant based on seasonality  
  • Decide where to set up your garden based on sunlight and drainage
  • Prepare the soil by aerating and fertilizing it
  • Plant and nurture your seedlings
  • Harvest your very own produce!

Check out these great tips from Better Homes and Gardens for more details about how to get started. There really isn’t a more convenient food than one that’s growing in your own backyard!

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