Aug 9, 2018

Good Morning America Investigates Manuka Honey

Not all Manuka Honeys are created equal. With so many brands and so many “ratings systems,” how can you tell what’s worth buying and what’s not?

Buyer beware: you can spend a lot of money buying low-grade Manuka Honey without knowing it. The truth is, some companies have been misleading retailers and consumers into buying low or inconsistent quality Manuka at premium prices. This week Good Morning America aired an important story on Manuka Honey and this issue - they even featured MediHoney (supplied by Comvita) on a an infant post-surgery. Watch the full video here:

The easiest way to know you’re getting the real thing is to look for the UMF™ label, which guarantees it contains a minimum of 83 mg/kg of MGO, one of the three key compounds found in Manuka Honey. The UMF logo on the label assures that Manuka has been certified for quality and authenticity by the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association. This gold standard rating is an independently-verified scientific measure of unique signature compounds characteristic of real Manuka Honey, which is only found in honey sourced from the nectar of the Manuka tree native to New Zealand. Each UMF rating level (UMF 5+, 10+, 15+ and 20+) relates to the level of active compounds and can be used from everyday wellness to targeted usage.

We are also pleased the New Zealand government has activated new regulations for Manuka Honey exports defining what can be labeled, “Manuka Honey.” This came into effect from August 5, 2018 for companies exporting Manuka Honey from New Zealand to the U.S. Manuka brands will need to meet minimum chemical markers to be labeled as monofloral Manuka Honey going forward. For more information, click here.

Stay tuned next week for the launch of our campaign for Real Manuka. In the meantime, shop certified UMF™ Real Manuka Honey here.