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History of Honey & Manuka Honey in Beauty

September 12, 2017


We know the use of honey goes back to 8000 BCE from cave paintings found in Spain. Ancient Egyptians used honey to help heal infected wounds and generally as a topical ointment. Hippocrates, the ancient Greek scientist, utilized honey for baldness, wound healing, eye diseases, topical antiseptic, and prevention and treatment of scars. Experts of Ayurveda - a medicine system with historic roots on the Indian sub-continent - recommend using honey to keep teeth and gums healthy and for treating skin disorders.

Manuka honey - from the nectar of Manuka trees in the pristine forests of New Zealand and Australia - is a highly viscous, earthy honey. Its isolation in this natural corner of the world allowed it to developed a unique nutrition profile.

Manuka Honey and the Maori

The history of Manuka honey goes back to the Maori people of Polynesia who arrived to New Zealand over 700 years ago where they discovered Manuka’s special properties. They used the honey to remedy a number of human ailments, including fever, muscle and joint aches, and moisturizing skin.

We know the Maori people value beautification based on the ritual tattoos post-adolescent females receive on their lips and chin to accentuate their beauty. Manuka honey’s natural strength from pure source ingredients likely led the Maori to use it as a topical agent, not only for burns but also for beautification and moisturizing.

Modern cultivation methods have made this sweet creamy honey available to everyone in the form of a rejuvenating manuka honey mask, like this brightening mask from Comvita.

The draw to Manuka honey beauty habits is the pure and natural ingredients that developed for centuries in Oceania free from human adulteration. Unlike synthetic topical creams made in laboratories, Manuka honey carries no threat of harmful chemicals that cause rashes or irritation.

Like most things, when it comes to skin beautification, it’s best to stay natural, and follow the lead of people who knew best how to harness the power of nature to improve their own lives. This makes Manuka honey a truly unique and dynamic product everyone should have in their home.

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