Feb 12, 2020

How Comvita Is Inspiring a New Generation of Bee Lovers

Beekeeping isn’t just an art, it’s a science! To ensure Comvita’s 45 years of beekeeping craftsmanship and wisdom get passed down to future generations, we participate in different kinds of STEM educational events for kids. It’s a chance for Comvita scientists and beekeepers to share what they do, and for kids to give us their very creative ideas for using Manuka Honey.

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Jackie Evans, Ph.D educates kids about what makes Manuka Honey so special.

One recent STEM Fest had over 3,000 attendees - that’s 3,000 chances for us to show what it’s like to be a scientist, conservationist and natural product developer (sweet!). At the Comvita booth, kids learned about the unique properties of Manuka Honey and its many uses, specifically how it supports coughs, colds and sore throats. They also learned about the different roles’ bees play within a hive through an interactive Bee Show.

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Beekeepers Alezae Peters and May Liu teach kids about the science behind beekeeping through an interactive bee show

The Bee Show taught our possible-future-beekeepers about the vast roles of bees within a hive community, including a demonstration of how the queens, drones, worker bees and all the other bees work together to achieve a productive and buzzing hive. Volunteers from the audience dressed up as drones, builders, cleaners and worker bees and performed their specific tasks to enable honey to be made.

After that, we suited up our guest scientists in lab coats to help us develop “Magical Manuka Potions” (which are really soothing syrups with the functional benefits of Manuka Honey). With Comvita UMF™ Manuka Honey as the base, our smaller scientists added magical ingredients such as smurf juice, unicorn horn and dragon poo (ie orange, raspberry or bubblegum). This allowed our creators to really consider what ingredients they want to use to create the best taste, look, function and overall experience. After completing and tasting their creations, they were presented with a certificate deeming them an official Comvita Scientist:

Comvita Scientist Certificate, Manuka Honey, Comvita


Families were also offered the chance to sample Comvita Kids Soothing Syrups and Pops and understand the science behind Manuka Honey and the formulas specifically targeted for day and night. Their reviews? “Wow! That tastes great, my kids would actually take this.” “Finally, something that tastes good!” “Where can I buy this from?” And of course, “your products really work!”

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A special thanks to Mark Fransen, Dr. Jackie Evans, PhD, Heidi Darcy, Wendy Hodgkinson, Charlotte Steward, Jessie Bong, PhD, and Luke Jellet from the Comvita New Zealand science and research team. Here’s to inspiring curiosity, connection to nature and the next generation of Manuka Honey scientists and stewards!

To shop our Comvita Kids Line, you can >buy online here, or check out our store locator to find Comvita Kids in a Whole Foods Market or CVS pharmacy near you.

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Charlotte Steward and Isabella Cowie take our young scientists-in-training on a hands on experience to make delicious “Manuka Honey Potions”