Dec 16, 2017

How to Meditate at Work

Work is a source of stress for too many of us. Why not use start meditating that stress away right in the office?

The benefits of meditation are numerous and increasingly undeniable. Taking a few hours a week to clear your mind has proven, time and again, to improve a wide range of human functions. From immunity support to stress relief, cardiovascular health to better sleep, from memory function to reduced loneliness, studies continue to show that devoted meditation can strengthen the most taxed parts of our psyches: the ability to process information, summon positive energy, and eliminate negative thoughts from our worried minds.

Sadly, work is too often the source of the stress that disrupts the contentment we seek. Since the most common barrier to meditation is a lack of time, we should all consider a radical idea: meditation at work.

Here’s a guide to workplace meditation:

First, schedule the time. Pinpoint 10 - 15 minutes in your day when dire consequences will be low. Even a few minutes of dedicated focus can breed palpable benefits.

Next, find a space. A seldom-used meeting room or empty office will work fine. Make sure there is a chair and no phone. If none is available, search for a green space like a courtyard or nearby city park. A completely practical and reasonable last resort is the sanctuary of a bathroom stall.

Once you are situated, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and start the process of settling your mind. When thoughts about your day, your boss, your spouse, or your next meeting begin to rush through your head, don’t get frustrated. Passively observe them entering and exiting your mind like cars rolling down a quiet street.

Focus on your breathing. In..out. In...out. Observe how each breath feels internally while visualizing yourself growing in goodness and connection with the energy of the world around you.

If you have never meditated before, the first few sessions may be frustrating. If you have spent years on the go and juggling twenty things at once, clearing your mind will feel almost impossible. But don’t be dismayed. It only takes a few attempts to start to feel the wondrous healing powers of a still mind.

There are a number of other steps one can take to improve the prospects of workplace mediation. Download a meditation app that will inform your sessions and even guide you and track your progress over time. Initiate a habit of pausing a few times a day to take a deep breaths with your eyes closed. This, believe it or not, also qualifies as meditation. Create your own nature reserve in your office or cubicle. Bring in plants, a rock garden, a fishbowl, or a collection of wood to use in a mobile meditation: pick up a rock or piece of wood, look at your surroundings, and simply say, “thank you".

We all know a stressed-out, unhappy employee is an unproductive one. You can counterbalance these negative developments by taking just these few steps towards increased mindfulness, focus, and contentment through workplace meditation.