Aug 3, 2015

Summer No Holiday For Colds And Flu

There is something about summer colds and flu that makes them that bit harder swallow, so to speak, than winter ills.

Perhaps it is something to do with the fact that everyone else seems to be enjoying the sun and outdoors while you are feeling miserable. And as an additional insult, summer colds often last longer and have a higher chance of recurring, according to Dr. Bruce Hirsch, attending physician for infectious diseases at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, N.Y.

Why summer colds are worse
The usual viruses that are common throughout winter, are joined by a new friend in summer, Enterovirus. The virus can bring diarrhea, along with sore throats, rashes and other symptoms beyond the common cold’s typical headache, hacking cough, congestion and fever. “Winter cold viruses tend to make you feel really sick, and then you get over it,” Dr. Hirsch said. “Summer colds just seem to lurk in the background … and just go on and on and on.”

Other factors that increase the chance of a summer cold include ongoing contact with re-circulated air from air-conditioners—in buildings, cars, and airplanes.

Tips to help you stay healthy and cold-free this summer
-Wash your hands often and keep a stash of hand sanitizer in your pocket or purse.

-Get plenty of sleep to bolster your immune system.

-Stay well hydrated.

-Eat a balanced diet.

-Use common sense and avoid contact with sick people.

-Keep up your daily dose of Olive Leaf Extract.