May 8, 2018

The Life Of A Queen Bee

The most important bee in any hive is the Queen. She is not only the largest bee, she is also, quite literally, the mother of all bees - the only one with the ability to reproduce. Like our favorite royal families, a Queen is born into her role. She is nurtured from birth by the female worker bees, fed a special diet until she is ready to take on her responsibilities. Although being the Queen has its perks, like getting her own menu and regular cleanings, it’s not an easy role to get. Learn the life of a Queen Bee:

A Royal Diet -

All young bees are fed royal jelly, a special food produced in the hive, but it’s only the Queen who continues to eat it throughout her lifetime. This contributes to her large size and enables her to be the only female in the hive who can reproduce.

There Can Only Be One -

The Queen may be the star of the hive but the worker bees are really in control. When they feel as though the Queen is not adequately performing her duties, the worker bees will go behind her back and raise a new one. Once the new Queen is “of age” the old Queen can decide to either leave the hive forever or fight to the death.

Life Is Hard For A Queen -

For a Queen bee, life is anything but glamorous. Her one and only job is to lay eggs. When she first becomes Queen, she goes on a three day flight to mate with roughly 10-20 of the strongest male bees or “drones”. This one act will provide her with enough sperm to fertilize up to 1500 eggs a day over the next 3-5 years of her life.

A Queen Is Nothing Without Her “People” -

Without the rest of the colony, the Queen would not be able to survive. She relies heavily on them to feed and clean her. She even needs them to digest her food and feed it back to her.
The Queen bee dedicates her entire life to the well-being of her hive. Much like the strong mother figures in our own lives, the Queen bee works hard to keep up with the everyday demands of her colony. Think how chaotic and lost many of us would be without our moms.