Apr 19, 2020

We Are One Hive

With bees, every individual is essential to the health of the hive. Tens of thousands of members, each with a different role, create a cooperative society that keeps entire ecosystems in balance. Without its hive, a single bee won’t last long. But together, they can endure storms, shortages, leadership changes and illnesses, sustaining each other for many generations. The hive functions as one.

In the face of great change, we have also become one hive. Connected, supportive and resilient. For all the fear, uncertainty and loss in the coronavirus pandemic, there has been more goodness, bravery and unity rising up. We have figured out creative new ways to be together, keep learning and keep living. We stay home in solidarity with each other, honor the essential workers who keep everything going, and stand in awe of the healthcare heroes who put themselves on the front lines 24 hours a day.

For 46 years, Comvita has crafted nature’s most powerful wellness products - and today the most important people to keep well are emergency medical responders. From now until our shelves are empty, we’re sending care packages filled with Comvita UMF™ Manuka Honey products to teams of doctors, nurses and staff at hospitals in the US’s most affected areas - as well as supplies of Comvita Kids formulas for their families at home.

Coming soon, with every order you make at Comvita.com, we’re also including a gift for you to share with someone in your community. While supplies last, you’ll receive a ‘Thank You’ packet filled with single servings of UMF™ Manuka Honey - pass this packet on (at a safe social distance) to a neighbor, caregiver, mail carrier, mom or essential worker to show your support, help them stay strong, and well. Check back soon for when this will be available! We’re doing the same with Comvita staff members, creating the safest, cleanest and kindest possible place to be during this time.

While many things will return back to normal, we hope others will not. This time has taught us to be more aware and appreciative of each other and our collective good - let us bring that attention into every day from here on. Just as honeybees pollinate the foods we rely on, every species is interdependent. Only together will we heal and grow forward, as one nature, one earth and one hive.

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