Hive Mindfully: A Documentary Short Film

May 20th is World Bee Day, and this year, we’ve put together a rare look into something extremely special. We invite you to enter the little known world of beekeepers. From across the generations, Comvita co-founder Alan Bougen and bee educator Hilary Kearney team up to rescue a hive that found itself in unwelcome territory. Whether your relationship with bees is knowledgeable, novice or nonexistent, you’ll discover a powerful connection to the wisdom of nature. Go deep into the hive in our new short documentary film, Hive Mindfully:

As beekeepers since 1974, Comvita is dedicated to the long-term health and sustainability of bee populations and the lands where they live. Learn more about bees, why they’re so important to our ecosystem, and how you can make the world a little bee-friendlier right from your home:

How to Live Bee-Friendly

We’ve partnered with beekeeper and educator Hilary Kearney, also known as Girl Next Door Honey, to share her expertise on how to bee a hero to our important pollinators.

Bee Conscious: Why Bees Matter to People & Planet

Bees play a vital role in our daily lives, and for almost every ecosystem on the planet. Learn more about why we need bees and how we can help delicate colonies thrive in a changing world.

Create a Pollinator Paradise with The Nature Conservancy:

The Nature Conservancy works to create a world where people and nature can thrive. In addition to developing science-based pollinator protection programs all over the world, they’ve created a guide that puts your DIY skills to use to attract birds, bees and butterflies.

Become a Beekeeper: Online Classes with Hilary Kearney

Want to learn more about becoming a beekeeper? Hilary Kearney offers online beekeeping classes based on practical, natural beekeeping methods and philosophies. With a focus on what is best for the bees, not the beekeeper.

Enter Comvita’s Bee Inspired Coloring Contest

You can also support bees (and have fun with your creativity!) by entering the Bee Inspired Coloring Contest. You can either draw something original, or print a sheet from the contest page below. For every entry received, Comvita will donate $5 to The Nature Conservancy to support its pollinator protection programs.



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