Manuka Honey Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays have once again descended upon us and, thankfully, they are looking much brighter than last year. It’s no wonder people are eager to make up for lost time and celebrate accordingly. This year is the perfect season to make gift giving a little more special than ever before.

We’re biased, but we think Manuka Honey is one of the most unique and thoughtful gifts you can give. We love that our products are gifts that friends and family can actually enjoy every single day. And, Comvita offers several products that will leave any type of honey lover surprised and delighted. Wrapped on it’s own, or included in a gift basket, Comvita’s gifts from nature are a delicious surprise.

Wondering which Manuka Honey is right for your special someone? We’ve got you covered.

For the Aficionado: UMF™ 25+ SPECIAL RESERVE

Any Manuka Honey fanatic will gush over a jar of our UMF™ 25+ Special Reserve. This one-time product release offers the rarest of the rare Manuka Honeys. Every jar of Comvita Special Reserve UMF™ 25+ is unique, batch numbered and independently certified, guaranteed to contain a minimum MGO of 1200+, nearly 50% higher bioactivity than our ultra-premium UMF™ 20+ Manuka Honey.

No need for extras on this one. Just add a bow and you’ve got a gift that will wow.

For the Health Nut: UMF™ 10+ Manuka Honey

The perfect gift for those new to Manuka Honey, our UMF™ 10+ Manuka Honey offers a variety of ways to use and benefit from this special honey. The nectar of the Manuka flower contains unique health properties, making it nature’s most powerful honey. It’s guaranteed to contain a minimum MGO (methylglyoxal – the key antibacterial compound in Manuka nectar) of 263+. Whether a spoonful is part of a daily wellness ritual, as a pre-workout natural energy source, or applied to skin for a healthy glow, UMF 10+ makes for an all-around healthful honey. We love the idea of including it in a themed gift basket. You could pair it with tea, essential oils, and your favorite wellness items!

For the Healthy Chef: Multifloral Manuka Honey

A delicious gift for the health-minded home cook in your life looking for a new way to give their meals a boost is Multifloral Manuka Honey. Many people elevate recipes with MGO 50+ Multifloral Manuka, or add it as a superfood to tea, oatmeal, yogurt, or smoothie. It’s an easy swap for sugar in recipes and used as a gourmet upgrade from local honey. It’s an excellent and affordable way to enjoy the wellness of Manuka, every day.

A super unique gift on its own, or as part of a larger baking set that includes tools like pans, sheets, or a honey dipper!

All Comvita Manuka Honeys are fully stocked and ready to ship in time for the holiday season, so check off all the people on your list with us!




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