Meet The Beekeeper Behind Bee Rescue: Nick Wigle

In celebration of World Bee Day and our planet’s precious pollinators, Comvita is rescuing 5 Million bees by working with independent beekeepers across the US to safely relocate hives that have found their way into unwelcome areas. This interview is part of a series of introductions to get to know the lives and work of real, professional beekeepers. See what inspires them about their work, learn fascinating facts about bees, and life lessons the beehive can teach us.

Meet beekeeper Nick Wigle (also known as @superbeerescue ), from Santa Barbara, California.

How long have you been beekeeping?

12 years

How did you get involved in beekeeping?

My family had a ranch and was looking for new income opportunities so invited a beekeeper to keep 400 hives on the property for 2 seasons. While he was on the property I took the opportunity to learn from him.

What do you love about beekeeping?

No matter how much you know there is still more to learn.

What are your favorite facts about bees?

A 4 oz measuring cup can contain 300 bees, and there are 3500 bees in a pound!

What lessons have you learned from bees that are helpful in other areas of your life?

Perseverance: if at first you don't succeed swarm, swarm, again.

What advice or tips do you have for people who want to help bees where they live?

Be wholeiscally minded: think about the birds, the bees, and the butterflies. The bees are very important to our survival but without all the pollinators the entire ecosystem fails. Creating safe places for pollinators allows them to continue to exist.

What do you wish people knew about how bees impact the world around us?

Bees pollinate a large amount of the food we eat and the seeds farmers need to plant. They also pollinate the rainbow of wildflowers we enjoy. By saving the bees we are also saving ourselves.

Do you have any other thoughts about working together with Comvita to rescue bees?

As a beevangelist, I sometimes feel like a lone voice trying to tell others the importance of bees. Being able to partner with Comvita, which has been telling people the importance of bees since their inception, is a dream come true. It also doesn't hurt that the honey is amazing!



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