Skincare Expert Celeste Thomas' Nighttime Beauty Sleep Routine

The quality of our skin and the quality of our sleep are deeply connected, which means if we want healthy skin, we have to set ourselves up for healthy sleep (and vice versa). Skincare expert and Registered Nurse Celeste Thomas gives us insight on how ‘beauty sleep’ impacts skin health and offers a routine to help us all wind down at night and wake up with glowing skin. Here’s Celeste:

My nighttime routine is all about skin health and beauty sleep, which are two things people don’t talk about enough. Your sleep health has so much to do with your skin.

Most experts agree that 7-8 hours is the magic number when it comes to sleep, but our sleep hours don’t necessarily have to do with sleep quality. If you’re waking up throughout the night and not going into those deep REM cycles, you aren’t reaping the full benefits of sleep. Getting into a deep sleep allows the body to restore mentally and regenerate physically. During the night, our bodies naturally get rid of dead, aged cells, which helps to brighten the skin. We also regulate fluid balance in the body and skin at night. If you don’t sleep well, your body is not going to hydrate properly and your skin will look dull and dry.

To prevent a restless night and unhealthy skin, here’s how I prepare for my beauty sleep.

Step 1: Calming Drink

Having a warm beverage (without caffeine or sugar) helps you to wind down and begin your night time ritual. This can be a magnesium tonic, natural tea, or anything else that brings you comfort.. If you’re looking to add extra, beneficial nutrients to your night time beverage, Comvita Manuka Honey has wonderful restorative capabilities. The compounds in this golden ingredient contain both anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, which acts as a therapeutic agent, and is perfect for before bed.

Step 2: Blue-Blocker Glasses

Why? Because we’re staring at screens all night long, and if you’re not using these glasses after the sun goes down, your body is still recognizing light. This suppresses the natural flow of melatonin that would make you feel calm, relaxed, and in a sleepy mood. By putting on blue-blocker glasses and even turning your phone brightness all the way down, your body will naturally be more ready to sleep.

Step 3: Screen Time

Even with the blue-light protectant, you should still put your phone away at least 1 hour before going to sleep. This will let your brain relax and will stop the constant dopamine rush that we get from interacting with our screens. You can do this by either putting night time controls on your phone, or putting your phone away in a drawer where it won’t distract you.

Step 4: Manuka Honey Face Mask

This is the fun part. All I do is a one-ingredient mask with Comvita Manuka Honey - that’s all you need. I love that this mask is just one single ingredient from nature - you know exactly what’s in it. I use the UMF™ 15+, because using a higher UMF™ honey will give you a higher concentration of beneficial compounds that work to help heal your skin’s complexion. For people who have really sensitive skin, Manuka Honey is a great way to lock in moisture and hydration to get a real glow. It’s so trustworthy, and you will be amazed by the power of what Manuka Honey by itself can do. I leave it on for 20 minutes while I organize and plan for the next day, then hop in the shower and wash off. When I wake up, my skin is so happy.

If you are just getting into a night time routine, take it one practice at a time and implement things slowly until they become a habit. After a while, it will be so easy and you will love the benefits.

About Celeste Thomas, RN

Celeste Thomas is a Registered Nurse (RN) and holistic skincare expert specializing in non-toxic skincare practices and product recommendations. Her unique background as a RN, coupled with her decade-long search for skin confidence, makes her the perfect go-to guide for all things skincare. When she isn’t developing a new “eat to glow” recipe for her followers or testing the latest products on the market, you can find her roaming the streets of L.A. with her camera-shy husband and rescue pup named Ponza. For more green beauty tips and recipes, visit Celeste’s blog or follow her on Instagram and Youtube



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