Get Winter Ready: Manuka Honey for Colds

The weather is cooling down and, depending on where you live, this could come as a welcome reprieve to historic heat waves. While cold weather conjures cozy scenes curled up by the fire, or celebrating holidays with loved ones, it can also wreak havoc on our bodies.

Winter weather is, unfortunately, synonymous with cold and flu season. And, the dry conditions can easily zap the moisture from your skin.

Thankfully, Manuka Honey is the perfect cold weather companion for the good, the cozy, and the not so pleasant. Here are a few ways we love to use Manuka Honey during the winter months:

Supports natural defenses

The nectar of the Manuka flower contains unique health properties, making it nature’s most powerful honey. One of the plant compounds is called methylglyoxal, or MGO. MGO has been shown to have natural antibacterial properties, which are ultimately transferred to the honey we consume. . The amount of MGO is clearly labeled on all Comvita Manuka Honey. Our multifloral Manuka Honey range guarantees MGO 50+, while our monofloral Certified UMF™ Manuka Honey guarantees higher levels of MGO.

If you want a different type of boost from the hive, you might want to consider Bee Propolis, a resin material produced by honey bees to seal and protect the cells of the hive, line the inside of nest cavities and repair honeycomb. Without Bee Propolis, the hives could be susceptible to viruses and bacteria. Bees use it as their defense against pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and molds.

Perfect sweetener for warm drinks

Mulitfloral Manuka Honey is the perfect honey for everyday use. It sweetens all your warm winter beverages, while also delivering all the health benefits of Manuka Honey. From tea to honey, and even warm holiday spirits, Manuka Honey can sweeten any occasion.

Extra special ingredient to holiday dishes and treats

Likewise, we love to use Mulitfloral Manuka Honey in sweet treats and seasonal holiday dishes that call for honey like sweet potatoes and pies. This is a great way to elevate any recipe, or swap out sugar for something a bit more natural.   For some examples have a look at our recipes.

Provides extra moisture for skin

Lastly, Manuka Honey is a great addition to any skin care regimen, especially during the dry winter month. Drawing moisture to the skin, Manuka Honey is a natural humectant due to its sugar component, meaning it helps draw in and retain moisture in the skin. This makes it a useful ingredient in moisturizers and emollients. You can apply it directly as a mask, or mix it with your favorite products.

No matter what the winter winds blow your way this season, grab a few jars of Manuka Honey to keep you healthy, cozy, and feeling great – inside and out.

Ways to Use Manuka Honey during Cold & Flu Season:

  1. In your recipes as a beneficial sweetener
  2. As an immune-boosting elixir
  3. As a sore-throat and cough soother
  4. In your smoothie for energy and digestive support

Find out more ways to use Manuka Honey


Does manuka honey help cold and flu?

Manuka honey has unique healing properties that other forms of honey do not. It works to kill bacteria, viruses, and support overall wellness.

Does manuka honey help with runny nose?

Try combining hot water with a squeeze of lemon and half a teaspoon of manuka honey for a traditional runny rose remedy.

How do you take manuka honey for a cough?

To soothe a cough, start with 1 to 2 teaspoons of manuka honey. You can have it on its own or mix it into warm water.


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