Premium UMF  Mānuka Honey 6-Pack

Premium UMF  Mānuka Honey 6-Pack

Premium UMF  Mānuka Honey 6-Pack



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Enjoy exclusive savings on our most powerful + potent jars of UMF™ Mānuka Honey.

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Enjoy exclusive savings on our most powerful + potent jars of UMF™ Mānuka Honey.

All Comvita UMF™ Mānuka Honey is traceable to its source - from the hive to the shelf. We work closely with our bees and beekeepers to produce UMF™ Mānuka Honey of the highest quality. From New Zealand's rugged central North Island volcanic plateau, to the bush clad hills of Northland, there are many factors that can affect the quality of Mānuka Honey - it's a natural product so the sun, wind and rain all play a part.

Every batch of Comvita Mānuka Honey is independently tested and certified by the UMF Honey Association. Only UMF measures the three signature compounds (Leptosperin, DHA, and MGO – the key antibacterial marker) found in genuine, monofloral Mānuka Honey.

Crafted from the pristine forests of New Zealand, our UMF 20+ Mānuka Honey is deliciously pure, potent and powerful, with the highest concentration levels of the unique Mānuka properties in the standard Comvita range.

With a significant concentration of unique Mānuka compounds, our UMF 18+ Mānuka Honey helps to stabilize and support your wellbeing - especially when you need that extra boost.

Our UMF 15+ Super Premium Grade Raw Mānuka Honey is one of nature’s powerful wonders. It contains a unique range of beneficial oligosaccharides and prebiotics, amino acids, polyphenolic and other plant-derived compounds.

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Premium UMF  Mānuka Honey 6-Pack

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