Meet Our Beekeepers

Learn what inspires the people behind nature’s most powerful honey.

Humans have been beekeeping for nearly 10,000 years, cultivating safe and healthy places for bees to form thriving colonies. Much of that tradition is alive and well at Comvita, where we’ve been perfecting our craft for nearly five decades, enabling us to be the leading producer of Manuka Honey worldwide. Passing down the art, science, and passion of beekeeping to new generations, is an important role we embrace. We’re proud to introduce you to some of our beekeepers who steward the bees, and protect the land to create powerful, sustainable Manuka Honey.


“Follow nature’s rhythms for a peaceful, more ordered life.”

Meet Alan

“I’ve managed to see some incredible countryside working with Comvita.”

Meet Kelly

“Be present in the moment or you may get stung.”

Meet Noelani

“The principles of managing a hive are very old, but some of the tools are really innovative.”

Meet Johannes

“I love the thrill of seeing a hive build and grow.”

Meet Alazae

“Each and every bee is important to the hive.”

Meet Volodymyr

“Have dogged determination and persistence in everything you do.”

From Claude

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