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The Gold Standard in Manuka Honey

As the pioneer and trusted global leader, Comvita is committed to bringing you the most premium Manuka Honey, with the highest certifications and transparency. With nearly 50 years of beekeeping craftsmanship and a world-class, in-house lab, Comvita’s rigorous standards are unrivaled. All our Manuka Honey is MGO guaranteed, and our monofloral Manuka is UMF™ certified, ensuring every batch has been independently tested for purity and quality.


Discover the Benefits of Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey is becoming increasingly revered by nutritionists, wellness practitioners, elite athletes, and natural health enthusiasts around the world. Nature’s most powerful honey is most commonly used for:

  • Immune Support

    Daily immune support

  • Gut Health

    Aiding digestive and gut health

  • Soothing

    Soothing coughs and sore throats

  • DIY Beauty

    DIY beauty mask for radiant skin

  • Tea

    A beneficial sweetener for teas or recipes

  • Workout

    Pre-workout energy boost

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Pure, Precious, and Crafted to Perfection

Given Manuka’s short flowering season (just 2-6 weeks per year), it takes experience, planning and true passion from our beekeepers to sustainably harvest this rare and delicious superfood.


Connect to the Goodness of Nature

We invite you to explore our full range of sustainably harvested, premium offerings crafted with your well-being in mind.


Our Sustainability Values and Actions

For decades we've been working in harmony with bees and nature in New Zealand with a purpose to heal and protect the world. We are now embarking on even more impactful eco-friendly and community initiatives under the concept that we are connected as One Hive.

  • Rescuing 5 million bees from extermination
  • Planting over 8 million trees in New Zealand
  • Establishing 200 beehives in Africa, promoting biodiversity and economic stability
  • Reducing environmental footprint, carbon positive by 2030

Beekeeping Since 1974

Comvita co-founders and fellow New Zealand beekeepers, Claude Stratford and Alan Bougen, shared a vision in the healing power of nature. They believed food is the best medicine and that nature has the answers. Today, nearly a half-century later, their mission to connect people with good health has blossomed into a global movement.


Pioneers of Manuka Honey

The Word is Out on Comvita

Featured in

  • Oprah Magazine
  • Women's Health
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  • USA Today
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