Saving A Wild Box Set

There is a unique connection between bees, elephants, the community in Southern Kenya and the ecosystem they share. They are all members of One Hive, dependent on each other to survive, heal and regenerate.

In partnership with Saving the Wild, Comvita is supporting the placement of 200 beehives throughout the Kimana Wildlife Corridor in the greater Kilimanjaro ecosystem, which is the home and migratory path of endangered elephants. Over the next 3 years, we are helping to establish a process for bees to pollinate the native trees and flowers, elephants to spread the seeds as they walk, and members of the local Maasai community to cultivate a new skill that will benefit generations to come. The result will strengthen biodiversity, regenerate lands, and fund education for the future guardians of this iconic place.

It’s a circular flow of benefits that bring harmony between the bees, land and the people. This is in our nature. We are One Hive, interconnected.