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3/5/2013 Making Sense of Serums
Serums, they plump, hydrate, whiten, brighten, lift - the list goes on. So what is a serum and how is it different? Here are some insights to help you get the best out of your serum, and your face.
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2/27/2013 Brush up on your dental health
A great smile is often the first thing we notice when we meet someone new, but did you know our teeth and gums can also be a good indication of our general health habits?
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2/27/2013 3 reasons to make sleep a priority
We all know that when we sleep our body repairs itself, but very few of us know about the other amazing benefits of getting the right amount of shut-eye...
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2/27/2013 Tips to refresh winter skin
Cold air, dry wind and central heating are the usual suspects for dull and flaky winter skin. However, spring is just around the corner and it’s a great time to boost your skincare routine to make sure you’re looking and feeling your best.
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2/20/2013 Why you should sit less and move more
The average adult in the USA and Australia spends more than 54% of their waking time sedentary. Sounds about right when you think about it, but what does it mean for our health and wellbeing, and what can you do to minimise the effect?
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2/18/2013 Helping kids connect with nature
For many adults of an earlier generation, memories of childhood are often filled with the outdoors, jumping in local streams, climbing trees in the backyard and family camping trips. Fast-forward to today, and the digital age has not only affected how we ‘play’ as adults but how our children understand and experience nature.
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2/18/2013 5 lessons in longevity
Dan Buettner is an internationally-recognized researcher and US National Geographic Fellow, who has studied the world’s oldest and happiest individuals to find out their secrets to living a long and healthy life. Here are our five favorite lessons in longevity from Buettner’s New York Times best-selling books Blue Zones and Thrive...
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2/14/2013 NEW research paper shows honey’s effect on wound bacteria
A team of Australasian researchers studying the effect of manuka, kanuka and clover honey on common wound infecting bacteria concluded that “in general the manuka honeys were the most effective at inhibiting bacterial growth”.
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1/17/2013 Easing your child’s sore throat this winter
As winter sets in, it can be difficult to make it through the season without at least getting a sore throat. As an adult it’s an unpleasant enough experience but it’s even more upsetting when you see your kids suffering the symptoms. Comvita offers a natural solution to relieve your child's sore throat...
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10/5/2012 Have more fun and live longer
We’ve all experienced it: a traffic jam that causes road rage to bubble to the surface; the pressures of deadlines and long hours at work; the challenges of juggling family and friends with work and other commitments; worries about money and bills – the list goes on and on.
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