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12/2/2013 Staying well in winter
Maintain your health over the colder months with some proactive steps to stay well in winter.
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9/10/2013 Fresh juices and smoothies for fall
Fresh juices and smoothies are a great way to quench your thirst and up your intake of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. As the weather starts to cool down, it’s a great time of year to strengthen ...
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8/2/2013 The importance of bone health
Did you know that your bones are actually made up of living, growing tissue? Even when we stop growing taller, our bodies continue to make new bone to replace old weakened bone. However as we grow old...
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7/22/2013 Five ways to speed up recovery after exercise
Rest and recovery time is an important part of any workout. It allows your muscles and other tissues time to replenish energy stores and repair themselves, so you can maintain your strength and fitnes...
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6/3/2013 Staying naturally sweet
If you’re looking to indulge your sweet tooth with a natural alternative, here are some ways to keep your food naturally sweet.
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4/3/2013 The health benefits of music
Although many of us like to escape the stress of daily life by listening to or playing music, it turns out it can do more than just keep us entertained...
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3/28/2013 The beauty of bees
Domestic honey bee colony numbers have been declining over the past few decades, mostly due to habitat loss, pest invasion, pollution, over-harvesting and disease. Bees are an important part of our na...
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2/27/2013 Brush up on your dental health
A great smile is often the first thing we notice when we meet someone new, but did you know our teeth and gums can also be a good indication of our general health habits?
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2/20/2013 Why you should sit less and move more
The average adult in the USA and Australia spends more than 54% of their waking time sedentary. Sounds about right when you think about it, but what does it mean for our health and wellbeing, and wha...
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1/17/2013 Easing your child’s sore throat this winter
As winter sets in, it can be difficult to make it through the season without at least getting a sore throat. As an adult it’s an unpleasant enough experience but it’s even more upsetting when you see ...
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