Easing your child’s sore throat this winter

As the temperature starts to drop and winter sets in, it can be difficult to make it through the season without at least getting a sore throat. As an adult it’s an unpleasant enough experience but it’s even more upsetting when you see your kids suffering the symptoms and you’d like to find a safe, natural way to offer them some relief.

Fortunately, Comvita offers a natural solution in Children’s Manuka Honey Elixir which is specially formulated for the temporary relief from the symptoms of throat irritations while also supporting winter wellness*.

Manuka Honey is sourced in New Zealand from the Manuka plant (Leptospermum scoparium) and, in addition to its unique flavor, is renowned for its health-maintaining effects.  The Children’s Manuka Honey Elixir formula contains 10% UMF® 10+ Manuka Honey. UMF® stands for Unique Manuka Factor that only some Manuka honey contains. This is a measure of the unique type of biological activity naturally present in honey made from the nectar of the Manuka bush. The number following the UMF® mark indicates the strength of the UMF® activity, and the higher the rating, the more potent the product is.

In addition, this soothing elixir also contains propolis. Propolis is made by bees to protect the hive and for this reason is known as ‘nature’s best defense’. It contains high levels of bioflavonoids and supports the immune system*.

The ingredients found in the elixir make it ideal for children over two years of age and it contains no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

So the next time your child complains of a sore throat, reach for a bottle of Children’s Manuka Honey Elixir and take advantage of the power of Manuka honey to provide some temporary relief.


* These claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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