Comvita Science Challenge Approaching Fast

The Comvita® Science Symposium and Comvita® Science Challenge are two exciting events that link good, well supported science to the business and also to a better consumer understanding.

The science of natural products is actually very complicated.  There may be hundreds of active compounds in fresh vegetables or leaf extract such as from the olive or the gingko tree.  All these can interact in various ways with our biological cellular regulation mechanisms to achieve healthy stability or homeostasis as scientist call it.  In many cases it is not so much that good fresh produce or extracts are fixing conditions that we suffer from but actually keeping us in that  healthy balance.

Our Comvita® Science Challenge is an opportunity for students to take these rather complicated findings from various published good quality science papers on natural products and translate them into short, understandable and engaging clips.  This is a challenge as these natural actives affect so many complicated biological pathways in our body, so that the layperson ends up utterly confused.  The challenge is not marketing but an educational exercise as direct brand or product references are not allowed.
View last years winning entry:

Omegamation - Winners of the Comvita Science Challenge 2010 from Comvita on Vimeo.

The Comvita® Science Symposium is an occasion for our global science network to all meet in one place to exchange ideas, progress on projects and engage with Comvita® staff.  This happens with attendance of our partner companies and support organisations such as MSI (Ministry of Science and Innovation) and NZTE who have been sponsoring many projects at Comvita®.

We are lucky to be able to do it at such great venue as Auckland University.  The support of the Institute for Innovation in Biotechnology at UoA has been a great host for our research in the field of natural products.

Check out the Comvita® Science Challenge Website for more information.



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