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10/4/2012 Natural Real Deal Seal
The prestigious and strict NPA Certification is only given after an intensive process to ensure every ingredient in every single product in the Comvita® skincare range is deemed natural, safe to use, ...
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10/4/2012 More good news about Olive Leaf Extract
A clinical trial by The Liggins Institute at The University of Auckland has shown fresh olive leaf extract prepared by Comvita, may support normal blood sugar in healthy individuals.
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9/17/2012 Olive Leaf Extract certified Kosher & Halal
We are very happy to announce that our Olive Leaf Extract (Natural and Peppermint Flavours), are now certified Kosher and Halal.
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9/17/2012 Nature's Best Defence
At least 180 compounds have been identified in Propolis. Flavonoids are thought to account for much of its biological activity, although other phenolic compounds are also involved. Comvita Propolis c...
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9/17/2012 Antioxidant Power
Antioxidants play an essential role in the body as they quench free radicals. By damaging healthy cells, free radicals can leave the body vulnerable to advanced ageing, cardiovascular problems and deg...
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5/1/2012 Comvita Hosts International Expert
These are exciting times for Comvita as we host Judi Beerling in New Zealand for the whole week. Judi Beerling is the Technical Research Manager for Organic Monitor, a UK based organization that spec...
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4/18/2011 Mmm Manuka Honey
Comvita featured in the third series of NZ Food on a Plate. In a section about Rotorua, guest chef, Eru (from the world-famous, exclusive Tree Tops Lodge) creates a pannacotta dessert using Comvita M...
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