Oral Care FAQs

Q. How natural are Comvita’s® toothpastes?
A. We work hard to ensure that all our ingredients come from sustainable, renewable sources and it goes without saying that we do not test our products on animals.  International certification standards for natural skin care such as BDIH, Ecocert and NPA require products to be made from at least 95% natural ingredients before they can be certified as natural.  All of our Comvita® Oral Care formulations are 100% natural based on the criteria applied by Natural Products Association (NPA).

Q. Can there be any side effects with using these products?
A. The ingredients in the Comvita® Oral Care range have been carefully chosen for their gentle but effective properties to provide oral hygiene.  There are no known side effects at the quantities used in our formulations.  However, if you have allergies towards propolis you should not use our Propolis Toothpaste and Propolis Toothgel formulations.

Q. Why would I buy Comvita® and not another brand?
A. Comvita® is an established brand with a reputation for producing natural and effective products.  We are fully committed to producing toothpastes that provide complete oral hygiene.

Q. Where are Comvita® Toothpastes made?
A. Our Oral Care products are proudly made in New Zealand.

Q. Do your products expire?

A. The shelf life of our three toothpastes is 3 years after date of production. The Propolis Toothgel expires after 2 years from date of manufacture.  Please look at the best before date (BB) of our products to know when they expire.

Q. What is xylitol and why do you use it?
A. Xylitol is a sweet substance commonly found in birch trees and many fruits and vegetables. Research has indicated xylitol has great tooth friendly benefits. Xylitol is one of our key ingredients that helps maintain complete oral hygiene.

Q. Why do you use baking soda?
A. Baking soda is a natural ingredient that cleans your teeth effectively yet gently.

Q. Why does the Comvita® Oral Care range not contain Fluoride?
A. There is ongoing debate about the benefits, safety and side effects of fluoride in toothpaste.  The main concern is really over ingestion of fluoride i.e. when toothpaste is inadvertently swallowed.  For this reason, the Comvita® oral care range is free of fluoride for consumers who wish to make a personal choice to avoid taking fluoride internally.  This ensures that we are providing a 100% natural and effective product to enhance oral hygiene.

Q. Why do Comvita® toothpastes foam less than other toothpastes?
A. Foaming is created by surfactants that are put in toothpastes. Most modern toothpastes use Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) as foaming agent. Comvita® uses only natural ingredients in their toothpastes. These botanical sourced surfactants do not foam as much as their synthetic counterparts such as SLS.