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Feb 15, 2018

5 Surprising benefits of the Olive Leaf

5 Surprising benefits of the Olive Leaf

Comvita owns one of the world’s largest olive leaf farms where thousands of healthy green olive trees inhabit the hills in rural Queensland, Australia. Each morning the best fresh leaves are picked and extracted to create our high quality Olive Leaf Extract. For centuries, the olive leaf has been valued as a medicinal herb and used in ancient homeopathic remedies. Today, olive leaf extract is becoming increasingly well-known and appreciated for its high levels of antioxidants and ability to support blood sugar levels and cardiovascular health already within a healthy range.

At Comvita we pride ourselves on cultivating the freshest, most potent Olive Leaf Extract. By using freshly picked leaves–harvested at sunrise, and concentrated in the same day– we’re able to retain the balanced combination of antioxidants as found naturally in the leaves without the use of any artificial preservatives. With capsules and naturally flavored tonics, the incredible benefits of the olive leaf is a simple and valuable addition to your everyday wellness routine.

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