Feb 9, 2018

Where to Get Manuka Honey in US: The Journey to the West

Where to Get Manuka Honey in US: The Journey to the West

The Maori people are the indigenous residents of New Zealand and have been using the bark and leaves of the Manuka plant to build homes, paddles, and other tools for hundreds of years. In the 1800’s European settlers brought European honey bees to New Zealand. These bees found the Manuka plants, took the nectar back to their hives, and started making a brand new product: Manuka Honey. The Maori themselves then tested the new substance and quickly discovered its innate abilities to combat stomach afflictions, treat scarring and aid in general beautification.

The Manuka plant grows very quickly. In the 1950’s, the Government of New Zealand actually targeted it for eradication. Many beekeepers disliked Manuka’s viscous consistency and complained it was difficult to extract from beehives.

A doctor named Peter Molan effectively rescued Manuka Honey in the 1980’s. He found it had an unusual type of antibacterial and non-peroxide antimicrobial activity and an uncanny ability to treat wounds. The Government of New Zealand rewarded him for his research saying he had “revolutionised the New Zealand honey industry and added significantly to the value of their product.”

Dr. Molan then realized Manuka needed to be protected from counterfeit and synthetic imitations that would inevitably appear. e established the Molan Gold Standard that graded Manuka Honey on the quantity of its active ingredient, methylglyoxal. The New Zealand Government then established honey labeling guidelines to reduce confusion in the marketplace. The UMF delineation was born.

New Zealand then moved to share their wondrous product with the world. Companies like Comvita started helping New Zealand beekeepers export their highest quality Manuka Honey to consumers abroad. The high UMF rating guarantees its purity, that it comes from New Zealand, and that it hasn’t been tampered with or diluted by inferior additives.

Where Can you Get Comvita Manuka Honey?

It is now available at your local health food stores across the United States, as well as Comvita.com. This versatile product that promotes skin and stomach health and helps preserve the sustainability of the habitats where it’s produced, should be in every home, especially as the winter season approaches. Thanks to the Maori, Dr. Peter Molan, and companies like Comvita, now it can be.