Meet The Beekeeper Behind Bee Rescue: Hilary Kearney

In celebration of World Bee Day and our planet’s precious pollinators, Comvita is rescuing 5 Million bees by working with independent beekeepers across the US to safely relocate hives that have found their way into unwelcome areas. This interview is part of a series of introductions to get to know the lives and work of real, professional beekeepers. See what inspires them about their work, learn fascinating facts about bees, and life lessons the beehive can teach us.

Meet Hilary Kearney (also known as @girlnextdoorhoney ), from San Diego, California.

How long have you been beekeeping?

11 years

How did you get involved in beekeeping?

I fell into it by chance when I happened upon a book.

What do you love about beekeeping?

I love the problem-solving and being outside and the connection to nature.

What are your favorite facts about bees?

Honey bees can tell time, do math and dance!

What lessons have you learned from bees that are helpful in other areas of your life?

Bees teach you patience.

What advice or tips do you have for people who want to help bees where they live?

I always tell people the best way to help bees is to plant flowering pollinator trees.

Do you have any other thoughts about working together with Comvita to rescue bees?

I love that I can trust Comvita’s high quality Manuka Honey because it’s coming from a company that cares about beekeepers and bees.



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