Top 7 Benefits of Manuka Honey

Some of the many ways Manuka honey works to support your health.

The innumerable benefits of Manuka honey make it one of the most versatile and delicious superfoods to support your health and wellbeing.   


Known as ‘liquid gold,’ authentic Manuka honey is becoming increasingly sought after by nutritionists, wellness practitioners, elite athletes, and natural health enthusiasts. Renowned for its unique properties, Manuka honey is often the first choice to help support a healthy immune system and soothe dry, tickly throats - plus it’s a natural, non-toxic addition to your skin care routine.

So just what makes it so good for you? Discover the super-powered benefits packed in every jar of Comvita’s Manuka Honey by reading on...


How many ways can Manuka Honey support your wellbeing?


Manuka Honey Benefits


    1. Manuka Honey can support your overall wellness

      Manuka honey contains a diverse range of nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins B and C, antioxidants, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. Its supportive natural qualities come from its renowned complex bioactive compounds and these have actions in the body that may support good health. In fact, Manuka honey has more than 2,000 different natural compounds, which is significantly higher than the number of compounds found in other types of honey.

      Manuka honey is best consumed as part of a healthy balanced diet and active lifestyle and - just you would incorporate a supplement capsule into your diet for targeted support – you can add a spoonful of Comvita  Manuka Honey to support your daily wellness.

      Stir it into your tea or coffee, blend it into a smoothie or juice, drizzle it onto your breakfast or spread it liberally on your toast. Either way, it’s delicious – and full of goodness.

    2. Manuka Honey can aid digestive and gut health.

      We’re all becoming more aware of the importance of gut health, and honey has a long history in traditional Chinese therapy to support digestive comfort.

      You too can benefit from this ancient wisdom by using Comvita Manuka honey to support a healthy gut by taking a teaspoon every day. Enjoy it on its own, or try pairing it with natural wellness teas that are known for supporting gut health, such as licorice root, dandelion, peppermint or ginger.

      You can also help your gut by sticking to anti-inflammatory foods (wholesome foods like fatty fish, nuts, leafy greens and Manuka honey) and staying away from inflammatory foods like refined carbohydrates and red meat.
    3. Manuka Honey can help to soothe dry and scratchy throats

      Multiple clinical trials, supported by laboratory studies, have shown that honey can alleviate the symptoms and discomfort associated with dry and tickly throats.

      So, whenever you feel a ‘scratchy’ throat coming on – or your cough just won’t quit – get fast relief with a smooth spoonful of Comvita Manuka honey. For best results, enjoy it straight from the spoon, or in a warm (not too hot) mug of lemon water or tea.
    4. Manuka Honey can support glowing skin.

      All honey boasts great benefits for the skin, but Manuka honey is especially useful for managing dry skin symptoms such as flaking and irritation. Rest assured, this magical liquid is well-suited for use in your daily skincare routine. Not only does it nourish, it also rejuvenates and revitalizes your skin.

      If you have sensitive, acne-prone skin, eczema-prone skin, or just dry, parched skin, use a higher UMF™ level like Comvita UMF 10+ or UMF 15+ Manuka Honey as a soothing, single-ingredient facemask. Or you can add it to your favorite DIY clean-beauty masks. For raw, chapped lips, apply Manuka honey as a restorative lip mask. And because it’s all natural, if you accidentally ingest some, your insides will love it too!

      As a final beauty boost, it’s good to know Comvita Manuka Honey can also act as a natural moisturizer for a smoother, more dewy finish.Add Manuka honey to your beauty routine for glowing skin – or try it as a natural facemask.
    5. Use Manuka honey in your fitness routine for natural energy

      Elite athletes, nutrition and strength coaches are choosing Comvita’s raw, certified UMF™ Manuka honey as a clean, natural energy source before cycling, running, weightlifting and more. Take your fitness routine to the next level with nature’s powerful source of energy.

      It’s another good reason to start supporting your body with the many health properties of Comvita Manuka Honey.
    6. Manuka honey can be a healthier sweetener than sugar

      One way to kick-start a healthier way of life can be cutting out refined sugar and replacing it with something more natural. In fact, an important new US study has revealed that honey can support the maintenance of a healthier diet, when eaten regularly as part of a healthy, Mediterranean style diet.

      Honey primarily consists of natural sugars derived from the nectar of flowers, such as glucose, fructose, sucrose and maltose - with different types of honey having different types and proportions of these sugars.

      It also contains a diverse range of other nutrients not found in other sweeteners like table sugar, including proteins, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and phenolic compounds. At least 181 other minor components have also been identified in honey and this number is still increasing.

      Note that the exact composition of honey varies depending on its floral source – it is a natural product after all!Deliciously sweet and packed with nutritional benefits, Manuka honey could be just your cup of tea!
    7. Manuka honey can support good heart health

      A recent Canadian study has showed that consuming around two tablespoons of raw, unprocessed honey per day may support the control blood sugar and levels of LDL – the ‘bad’ cholesterol.

      Current dietary guidelines recommended limiting sugar intake to around 10% of daily calories, which includes honey. But the good news is – since honey is sweeter than table sugar – and has a complex composition of sugars, vitamins, minerals, and other bioactive substances - you may be able to consume less honey to enjoy the same level of sweetness.

      Note that the context of the findings was critical: in the clinical trials, participants were already following healthy dietary patterns, with added sugars accounting for 10 percent or less of daily calorie intake.

      That means you shouldn’t start consuming more honey if you currently avoid sugar or are counting calories. Rather, it’s about replacement — if you use table sugar, syrup, or another sweetener, try switching those sugars out for honey.

      And remember, honey isn’t a ‘magic pill’ – it should be incorporated into a nutritious eating pattern complete with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.


What are the medical benefits of manuka honey?

  • Manuka honey can be applied topically at any stage of wound healing. Consult your doctor before trying it
  • Manuka honey acts as a prebiotic; it supports gut health
  • Manuka honey is great for soothing a cough or sore throat

Is it good to eat manuka honey every day?

For most people, manuka honey is safe to consume. It can complement a healthy balanced diet and offers some fascinating health benefits when consumed in moderation. A spoonful a day is recommended.

Is a spoonful of Manuka honey good for you?

Manuka honey is a great alternative to refined sugar, but it is important to consume it in moderation. Use it as part of your healthy eating plan. Try adding it to oatmeal, overnight oats or yogurt. 

What time is most beneficial to take Manuka honey?

You can take Manuka honey any time of day, or try taking it once in the morning and once at night. 

Does manuka honey help wrinkles?

Another great benefit of Manuka honey is that it reduces the signs of aging, particularly on the face. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, under-eye bags and dark circles.


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